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The objective of this space is to collaboratively develop the best possible scouting for the NFA intercollegiate debate community. While competition is great, competition without preparation hardly seems valuable, much less educational beyond "educating" your opposition on what they didn't know to research.

This is an ongoing community project. It takes hard work and contribution by each member of the community to improve our debating. The hope is that decentralizing control over contributions will provide better information for everyone, improving the debating of the entire community.

The impetus for this space is multifold:
1. Fair and open access to information improves everyone's debating.
2. Decentralized contribution improves "at tournament" and "pre-tournament" preparation.
3. It inverts the centralized model-- the best corrective is probably community input. If you see someone with inadequate scouting, do what you can to correct it! If someone contacts you for your cites, post them here for everyone to see!

Basic guidelines

Preamble - It is not necessary to create an account. Having an account seems to allow you to add pages as well, but you can edit as a Guest. If you want to make changes, Feel free to make all the changes you know. All we ask is that you make changes that are accurate.

1. Add all you want. Delete nothing. Corrections should be noted in subsequent additions.

1b. Edits are probably easiest with text editor. On the editor bar if you see a Visual Editor button, you are in the text editor. If you see a Text Editor button, click it to change editors.

2. Page organization:

Each school gets a page.
Teams are arranged alphabetically with their newest information first on the school page.
Use "*[*[toc]*]*" (without the asterisks or quotation marks) at the top of each page to make the page automatically generate a table of contents based on heading levels.
Use heading 2 to list the specific team name (preferably not just initials).
Use heading 3 to specify the round/tournament
Use heading 6 for plan
Use normal for other text.

3. No school page.
If a school does not have a page, click on navigation and alphabetically ADD the school name to the list with two ['s before the name and two ]'s after the name. You cannot CREATE pages unless you are logged in, but this will let me know that a page is missing by displaying RED until I add the page. I will be notified by email when that occurs, so I will try and add it as soon as I can. In the interim, thanks for being part of the solution, and I promise to assist you in getting the rest of the info up as soon as possible.

there is also a place for raw cites if you like to share rather useful cards. That page is located in the navigation bar right below the home page and should have a header for what position it is using heading 2 style so it shows on the TOC and then text in normal. Use the sample of the CE definitions if it is confusing.

Getting Started

To get started, click on the 'edit' link above to add content to this page. You and other contributors can also comment on pages using the 'discussion' link at the top of every page.
Need Help?
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We're always here to help out. Drop us an email at

Contact the page owner Martin Harris at his school address. My email is martinche and the domain is You should connect those two pieces with the typical @ symbol :). Have to do what you can to fool the bots.

Membership advantages

One of the features of being a member, for those new to Wikispaces, is an ability to register an email that will notify you by mail when pages change. I will approve all people that want to *subscribe* to the space (membership privileges and membership guidelines are always subject to change and review). Once you subscribe, just set your monitoring settings to all pages or all changes to get an email of changes when the page changes. Mileage on amount of email generated from this subscription may vary, so subscribe at your own risk. If you think it generates too much noise, you can always turn page monitoring back off again. Of course, subscription to the page should signify an obligation to also contribute (you play you pay), but for the moment, I won't require posting from members. If it becomes evident that people are all take and no give, these rules may change at any time with notice of change being announced on this page.